Head Brewer | Mad Scientist | Founder 

Weathered Souls resident mad scientist, Marcus, got his start as most brewers do, in the home brewing world. After brewing in his garage for a few years and winning a few awards he decided to take the step to enter the world of production brewing. Marcus worked for a year as a assistant brewer for a local brewery learning the do's and don'ts of brewing in professional setting but felt something missing. After many discussions with future brewery owner, Mike Holt, they decided to open Weathered Souls Brewing Company. Marcus has a strong west coast influence and the ability to brew many different styles of beer. He hopes to add diversity to the San Antonio craft beer scene with a range of world class beers.

Chief Envisioning Officer | Founder

Mike works as the Chief Envisioning Officer here at Weathered Souls. If we were to use the whole “ship” metaphor to describe the brewery, he would be the captain. Any direction the brewery goes, he is the one steering it. With over a decade of leadership experience at multiple business ventures, Mike decided that his next challenge would be the brewing industry. He went forward with the goals of making beer of the highest quality, and growing the craft beer scene in San Antonio.